Curriculum Delivery Plan

From small seeds grow forest giants






What our vision means to us:

Learning at Tahakopa School is individualized to the student and their particular needs. Our small size is our strength as each student is given the opportunity to participate fully in their learning and take ownership of it. Each student is encouraged to grow their potential and reach new heights in their learning. While we are part of a small rural community, our vision is for our students to embrace the future and become leaders in their chosen fields.


  • Literacy – Listening, Reading, and Viewing , Speaking, Writing, and Presenting

Literacy Statement

Learning in Literacy


  • Health and Physical Education – Personal Health and Physical Development, Relationships with Other People, Movement Concepts and Motor skills, Healthy Communities and Environments

Health and Physical Education Statement

Learning in Health and Physical Education


  • Languages – Communication, Language Knowledge, Cultural Knowledge

Learning Languages Statement

Learning in Learning Languages


  • Mathematics – Numeracy, Geometry, Statistics, Measurement, Algebra, Financial Literacy

Mathematics Statement

Learning in Maths


  • Science – Nature of Science, Material World, Physical World, Living World, Planet earth and Beyond

Science Statement   

Learning in Science


  • Social Science – Identity, Culture and Organisation, Place and Environment, Continuity and Change, The Economic World

Social Sciences Statement

Learning in Social Sciences


  • Technology – Digital, Technological Practice, Technical Knowledge, Nature of Technology

Learning in Technology

Technology Statement


  • The Arts – Visual Art, Drama, Dance, Music

The Arts Statement

Learning in The Arts