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Our Vision, Mission & Values

Our Vision

A dynamic Christian school producing outstanding, Godly young people who will have a lasting positive impact on their community, our country and the nations.

Our Mission

To be a Christian School that partners with whanau to produce young people who know who they are, whose they are and what they are called to do

Our Values


Effective Godly input – one of our two key goals.  As a Christian school, God is our #1 priority. We desire to have all our students know God, to know who they are in Him and to live their lives accordingly.  To this end, each class has devotions on a daily basis with the school’s assembly also being pivotal in the development of our students’ faith.  In addition to this, all classes are taught from a holistic Christian worldview and all KALS staff are practicing Christians.


Quality teaching and learning – one of our two key goals. The school prides itself on providing quality educational programmes for our students in a safe environment. We expect our students to give their best and to this end, we have high personal and academic standards. Consequently, students are expected to be well-behaved and respectful, to complete classwork and homework, wearing their uniform with pride, and respecting themselves, their peers, their teachers and their parents. We believe that when students are engaged in learning and are succeeding, school becomes a great deal of fun; we like to see our tamariki smiling.


There is nothing better than a real sense of belonging. That feeling of knowing that you’re accepted, loved, wanted and needed. This is who we are. We recognise and value our differences; that’s the goodness and fullness of the Lord illustrated right here through us! Despite our ethnic, age, sporting, hobby and interest differences, we know that in Him we are whanau. That’s extremely assuring. Our students, from the 18 year olds through to the 5 year olds, interact with each other throughout the day. Staff, students, parents – whanau. This is us. This is who we are.